Jah Lambs & Lions was established in Los Angeles in 1998.

The #1 Reggae Outlet in Southern California for 17 years on Fairfax Avenue located in the heart of the Little Ethiopia district.

With humble beginnings as a small record shop in front of Rosalinds Ethiopian Restaurant selling music, incense and a small selection of Bob Marley t shirts Jah Lambs soon expanded into a thriving 2000 square foot boutique just two doors down at 1030 Fairfax Ave.

At its height Jah Lambs featured a curated blend of unique Jah Lambs & Lions branded T-shirt designs while offering the latest and greatest in reggae music and the widest selection of unique urban wear, jewelry, hats, African imports, books, Jah Lambs essential oils, Jah Lambs incense, natural hair products and soap.

Jah Lambs & Lions the boutique closed its doors in 2015 yet Jah Lambs iconic presence within the LA Reggae and greater Caribbean/African community stands firm as a pillar of what can be accomplished with passion, purity and an honest dedication to RastafarI culture.